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Towneley’s tea party

Burnley’s Open Shop project has now come to an end. Many thanks to Rachael from ArtYarn who made the project a success. We had so many tea cosies made by the community, that we had a shortage of teapots to display them on!

See the project blog for more lovely images


Getting ready for Towneley’s tea party….

Last weekend in the shop, check out how it went

Towneley tea party leaflet…

This is where all the amazing tea cosies will make their debut alongside the tea pots from Towneleys collection.

Bank holiday weekend in Burnley…

Burnley’s teacosies for Towneley project seems to picking up momentum. In the second weekend in the shop, ArtYarn had over 40 people through the doors taking part. Hopefully all those who are discovering the art of knitting or just remembering it from years ago will take place it Burnley’s big knit weekend on the 19th of June. Have a look at the project blog for pictures and comments from the weekend The project is also being talked about on other blogs of the people who are getting involved

ArtYarns first week…

For an update on how ArtYarn’s first week went in Burnley, check out the project blog 

This week they will be in the shop:

Wed 26th – morning

Friday and Saturday 28th & 29th –  10-4

Sunday 30th – 11-3

ArtYarn Arrive…

ArtYarn have moved into their empty shop in Burnley, and will have their first official session on Friday. Check out the project blog for preparations they’ve been making , and a sneak preview of some of the designs…

To Recap…

We now have five very exciting artists in place for the projects that will take over this summer:

Burnley/Towneley: ArtYarn  – May-June

Blackburn/Blackburn museum and Art Gallery: Lucy May Schofield  – July-August

Ribble Valley/North West Sound Archive: Laurence Kaye – June – July

Rossendale/Rossendale Museum: Kaspar Wimberley and Susanne Kudielka   – June

Hyndburn/Haworth Art Gallery: Sarah Jay  – August